Mike's World!
beach day

This is my first website.
I am a beginner in html which I am
learning from the html goodies site.

html goodies

I am planning to build another website with
more then just my work jobs.

here is another website i like its
great cause it helps charity's


Today I went to my local nature reserve
where I volunteer once a week.             

It is a site of specific scientific interest.
Here is a link to their website.


We do lots of surveys down
there to determine the numbers of
species and there continued protection.

I'm looking to get involved in
a few other volunteer sites.

Last Wednesday I got to do my first "on my own" survey.
I got to do the beetle survey. Its good fun.

this spiral was inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy

(i put this image in because i wanted to learn
   to manipulate images) (^_^)